Like Johnny Miles – This Trophy Is – See Story Below

A one of a kind trophy lamp designed and hand crafted by Eugene Ramsey.

This trophy commemorates Johnny Miles’ great Boston Marathon victories in 1926 and 1929. A Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, boy, Johnny’s second win set a record time of 2 hours and 33 minutes on Saturday April 20, 1929.

There is much symbolism attached to the lamp. A large V represents Johnny’s greatest victories, while a small inlay diamond at the base of the V characterizes Johnny as a premier jewel in the crown of Nova Scotian athletes. The 2 columns represent Johnny’s two victories and the spirals around the columns signify the long, uphill battle of training and endurance necessary to win an event like the Boston Marathon. The finials at the top of the columns represent a man and a woman. The horizontal column supports symbolize Johnny’s arms outstretched in victory, and the clock represents Johnny’s record-setting time. The inlay in the middle/front of the shade signifies concentration and focus on the race. The inlay at the base of the trophy stands for the many people who have run in the Boston Marathon, while the inlay around the base of the shade of the lamp corresponds to the many people who will continue to run in the race. The light, when lit, represents hope for all who run the race and hope for victory. At the back of the trophy lamp are two inlay triangles which represent peace and joy. Perhaps the most significant inlay is of Johnny Miles himself, shown in a running stance, and placed predominantly in the center of the lamp shade. Starting in 2003, the trophy will bear the name of the first place winner of the annual Johnny Miles Road Race. The trophy is housed on display at the C.B.R.M. recreation office in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia.

Lamp Materials

  • American black walnut
  • Cape Breton cherry
  • Nova Scotia oak
  • Sydney Mines maple
  • U.S.A. clock movement